Ma Prem Rasa is her spiritual name. Rasa means “the essence of emotion” in Sanskrit, while Rasa also has meanings that are more literal, such as taste, water, juice, essence, and ultimately bliss. Ma is the Mother of the Universe, and Prem is Love. Prem Rasa can be translated as “the essence of love”. That’s why this website is called Love Rasa.

To love one is an enchanting exercise in loving all.

„Love is the experience of oneness. Love is the experience when the wall has fallen down and two energies have met in oneness, have united. Love is the experience when the walls between two people have crumbled down and their beings have met, united and become one. When this experience happens between two individuals, I call it love. When this same experience happens between an individual and the whole, I call that experience godliness.“ Osho

Rasa’s healing “career” started in her childhood. She liked to play doctor and dreamed of one day becoming a doctor in real life. Later on in school, she forgot about this vision and became interested in architecture and design. Design and art were her professions and passions for many years. In art she searched for the meaning of life and the source of creation. For several years she was occupied with the genius who developed important applications of electricity and many other inventions far ahead of his time -Tesla. In another project she studied marriages entered for visa purposes, exploring the life stories of individuals and the relationship between marriage and society. She was searching for the meaning of life, but failed to find satisfying answers in art.

Her first visit to India was a life-changing experience. Swami Omanand Bharti introduced her to the world of spiritually guided life force energy called Reiki. To be in the presence of the Enlightened One was a new experience for Rasa. She earned a Master Teacher Degree and was strongly encouraged to share this energy further. When she came back to Berlin, which had been her base for many years, she just rearranged her art studio into a healing practice. In the summer, she went to Croatia with a single reiki table and gave treatments to tourists and locals. That was a completely different approach to work and life. The close contact with others became very important to her, and she found it easy to work with people and deal with their personal and health issues. So she started to believe in the “healing hands” and “channelling” that her reiki masters had told her about.

She completely abandoned her career in art and design to embark on a spiritual journey, which led her to Eric Pearl and his method called Reconnection. She was taught by him personally about powerful frequencies and how we can use them in healing and in reconnecting with our true selves, to discover our own life purpose. While travelling, she was giving sessions on the road and during her stay in Osho Meditation Center in India. There she learned wonderful knowledge of Human Design by Veet Nisarg, as well as how to facilitate Osho Meditation and Therapies. She received a diploma and blessings to open an Osho Center in Croatia, which she did on the island of Hvar during the summer seasons 2010-12.

In the winter she travelled to Thailand, where, among other wonderful people, she met the world-renowned tantra teacher Mahasatva Sarita and joined her tantra teacher training. From her current perspective, she sees how her “doctor practice” and the genius of Tesla led her to Reiki and Reconnection, invisible energies, infinite sources, and higher frequencies, as well as how the marriage project and exploration of individuals and couples led her to Human Design and Tantra.

The journey brought her 2013-14 to Bali, where she established a healing and meditation center in Ubud, called The Womb Temple, offering workshops and healing sessions for Ubud community and Bali visitors. Mother India was calling once again and 2015-16. (There will be soon an extra blog about this journey.)

Currently she is based in Thailand on the island Koh Phangan. She offers workshops and private sessions in human design, reconnection, holistic healing. Working with people brings her a lot of pleasure and inspiration. She wants to inspire and motivate everyone to find their own truth, to get rid of everything that does not serve them, and to realize their full potential. She is happy to share her wisdom, bliss, and energy with you.

With Love and Blessings