Reconnect Yourself with the Source

Reconnection facilitator Prem Rasa offers you a great opportunity to get reconnected with your true nature through Reconnection process. If you are ready to connect with your life purpose and consciously wish to reconnect with the Universe on a different level, then Reconnection is for you. The Reconnection will accelerate you on your life path and advance your spiritual evolution. It takes place in two sessions, ideally on consecutive or alternate days, once in a lifetime. Having it done is a conscious choice on your part. Many report that their lives shift quite dramatically after receiving The Reconnection, especially in the following six to twelve months.

What are the benefits for you?

From many reports from them who already experienced Reconnection we can say that:

  • increases your energy, vitality and stamina
  • clears you of negative emotional and mental patterns
  • makes you deeply relaxed and at peace
  • gives you a feeling of presence in yourself
  • gives you a feeling of presence with others, and enables you to be more kind and compassionate
  • helps you to loose a grief
  • gives you a sense of strengthened intuition and clarity
  • helps you to feel more connected on a heart level
  • expands your senses (in particular vision and hearing)
  • gives you a deeper sense of purpose
  • enables you to enjoy a sense of abundance
  • makes a total change in how you feel about yourself and how it is to be in your body


What is The Reconnection?

Specifically, The Reconnection reconnects your body’s energy circulatory system (your meridians) to the electro-magnetic and other energetic grid lines that surround the Earth and to those stretching out from the Earth into the Universe and beyond. At one point it is thought that humanity had a broader connection to the Universe than it does now and that the body’s meridians were fully connected with these grid lines. Over time that connection has been lost. The Reconnection is a chance to step back up.

The Reconnection is made by bringing in and activating new “axiatonal lines” that then permanently reconnect and attach your meridians to these grid lines so connecting you to the original blueprint of your higher body and to the Source. Following The Reconnection®, the axiatonal lines will run through your body so that there will be a pathway from the Earth to you and through you to the Universe and beyond and back again in reverse. You will be in the same physical body but the energy, light and information entering your meridians will be from a higher source.

Through The Reconnection you are becoming attached to these ”axiatonal lines” that:

  • enables you to have access to the fullness of the higher frequencies of light, energy and information
  • allows for the permanent and continual exchange of light and information between you and the rest of the Universe
  • has the power to align, balance and rejuvenate your meridians
  • establishes a permanent activation of, and re-alignment with 12 Helix DNA
  • re-integrates the strings, that is reconnecting with parallel dimensions

The Reconnection is about stepping into all these gifts and then continuing on your path. It is a new beginning and not an end; we are all work in progress.images_rh25
How would your life improve if you lived your truth without compromising? The answer is obvious, because your happiness in life is depending on how much you are present in yourself and much you are aligned with the cosmic nature. Today, you can get your personal Reconnection with Rasa and you will receive incredible empowerment that will have permanent impact on your life.

Ma Prem Rasa is her spiritual name. Rasa means “the essence of emotion” in Sanskrit, while Rasa also has meanings that are more literal, such as taste, water, juice, essence, and ultimately bliss. Prem is Love. Prem Rasa can be translated as “the essence of love”.

Ma Prem Rasa is a reconnection facilitator, human design expert, holistic healer, meditation teacher, tantrika, reiki master, artist and founder of The Womb Temple, healing and spiritual center in Bali. Travelling around the globe, she offers workshops and private sessions, healings and readings in many countries, mostly in Asia and Europe. She wants to inspire and motivate everyone to find their own truth by spiritual journey, to live their dreams and to realize their full potential.

Live a life of truth, happiness and spiritual fulfilment

The Reconnection guides you on the path of self-realisation
The most important mission in our lives is to get to be who we meant to be. Rasa encourages you to take a big step towards that. The question is, do you want to? Rasa’s powerful and precise Reconnection sessions bring you closer to true self, supporting you through the unique process that starts with alignment with the universal grid and ends with ultimate truth, love and fulfillment.

The Reconnection helps you to align yourself with your true nature
The Reconnection is an incredible tool for discovering yourself. In live sessions with Rasa, you’ll experience extraordinary sensations, you never felt before, energy movements on a very subtle level, maybe even some unusual images, calmness and relaxation. It divers from one person to another so much, that is almost impossible to describe what happens. Each session is unique, can not be repeated and works on mental, emotial, physical and spiritual level.

The Reconnection improves the relationship with yourself and relationships with others
The Reconnection is an amazing process to improve your life in every area. Not living your true nature affects your relationships in many ways. You will receive an inner voice which will make you alert not to compromise your truth. That will gives you more strength and confidence, transform fear to love and openness which will influence also your surrounding. By discovering your true nature, you´ll begin relating to people with wisdom and compassion, which will make a truthful connection and deepen your interconnectedness.

Get Reconnection from an experienced Reconnection facilitator and holistic healer
You’ll get to learn from an expert who has been years in this field and has given many hundreds of reconnections worldwide. Rasa has been taught by the founder of Reconnection Dr. Eric Pearl. She is facilitating powerful Reconnections and will be happy to share this truly gift with you. Reconnection can be done only in physical presence, though Reconnective Healing sessions can be done in presence and as distant healing sessions.


What happens in the session when you book The Reconnection with Prem Rasa:

√  Reconnection / 2 Sessions
After completing some initial paperwork and answering any questions you might have, Rasa will ask you to lie down, fully-clothed, on a massage table. You will close your eyes. You just need to be receptive and open to your experience, observing what happens. She will work over your body for around 45 minutes moving her hands in a very precise pattern. She will be holding her hands over your body as she moves around you. Afterwards she will ask you what your experience was like. The whole session will last around an hour. 

The Reconnection is a once in a life-time event and is given in two sessions, ideally, on consecutive or alternate days.

√  Reconnective Healing Session
It is recommended to do one or two Reconnective Healing sessions before the actual reconnection to achieve the best results.


Do you think Reconnection will be helpful to you? Trust your intuition and reconnect yourself with the Universe by booking the sessions with Prem Rasa

≡ Your Personal Reconnection ≡
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Session 1: One or two Reconnective Healing Sessions / Preparation

Session 2: First Reconnection Session

Session 3: Final Reconnection Session

Note: Each session lasts about an hour!  Book early in advance to avoid disappointment. The Reconnective Healing sessions are recommended to do before the Reconnection process to get the best results and to experience how this frequencies work with you.




Cancellation policy

You can change an appointment latest 48 hours in advance. It will be difficult for Rasa to fill your spot if you cancel last minute. So later cancellation than 48 hours wont be refunded. Thanks for your understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my Reconnection per skype?
No, it can not. For the Reconnection it is necessary to be done in presence of giver and receiver. Only Reconnective Healing Sessions can be facilatate on distance.

What is the difference between the Reconnection and Reconnective Healing?
As we mentioned, Reconnective Healing is a return to an optimal state of balance, and therefore an optimal state of health and evolution. The Reconnection is an accelerated exchange of the energy, light and information found in the Reconnective Healing frequencies. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, facilitated in a two-session process, that ties us back into a timeless system of intelligence. And it will often throw us onto our life course, maybe even faster than we had had in mind.

Can I have more information about the Reconnection?

If you would like to learn more about The Reconnection then please visit, read Dr. Eric Pearl’s book, “The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself” and/or contact us, we would love to hear from you and is always happy to answer any questions you might have.

Can I pay by paypal?
Yes, paypal is accepeted. Credit cards too. Contact us before you book to send you payment and bank details.

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