Find Out About Your Unique Human Design

Human Design expert Prem Rasa shows you how to read your unique Human Design energy system and reveal your strengths, possible conditionings and how to overcome them to tap into your unique flow of energy. Human Design System is the science of differentiation. We are all interconnected as a part of the Universe, but also unique and different from each other. Human Design Reading will give you an incredible detailed map of who you are and clear misconceptions about it. So you will tap into your fullest potential and make quickly changes for a more authentic, happier and spiritually fulfilled life.

Human Design Reading

  • Helps you to live the right life strategy according to your specific type
    (manifestor, generator, projector, reflector) * You will be surprised how different they are from each other *
  • Teaches you to value, love and accept yourself in your true nature
  • Develops understanding of your uniqueness, as well as understanding of others´
  • Guides you to overcome ego conditionings in very clear and effective way
    and transcend it into expansion and true beingness
  • Shows you 9 energy centers, 32 channels and 64 gates in your individual configuration
  • Explains you advantages of your specific type, profile and inner authority
  • Empowers you to be who you truly are and allows others to be truthful
  • Gives you an incredible tool of transformation and evolution that you can use for life


Transcend your life issues with Human Design

What is Human Design System? Just another transformation tool? Or something evolutionary?

Prem Rasa, Human Design expert and holistic healer introduces you to yourself in completely new light, shows you the life strategy which works the best for you and invites you to this evolutionary journey of self-discovery.

All you need is to send Rasa your date of birth with the exact time and place. She will prepare your energy chart and give you a reading that will help in any life issues including health, relationships, wealth, spirituality, life purpose and more.

In this live or skype sessions about your Human Design, you will get to know:

  • How your Human Design type works, depending on what you are: manifestor, generator, projector or reflector
  • How this will help you to make wiser decisions and live happier and more fulfilling life
  • How to understand and transcend life themes underlying the ego structure: frustration, anger, bitterness or disappointment
  • Why you sometimes feel fragmented in pieces and disempowered, and how to bridge the split and live in peace and harmony
  • Why it is important to understand yourself, your unique potential and how to make use of it
  • How you make impact on others and how they make impact on your life according to your defined and undefined energy channels
  • Why it is important to understand undefined energies as your life lessons and transcend it to your advantages
  • Plus how to implement this amazing understanding of human design in your daily life


How would your life improve if you lived your true uniqueness? The answer is obvious, because your happiness in life is depending on how much you know yourself and much you are aligned with the cosmic nature. Today, you can start your Human Design journey with Rasa and you will receive incredible empowerment that will have permanent impact on your life.

Live a life of truth, happiness and spiritual fulfilment

Human Design guides you on the path of self-knowledge
The most important mission in our lives is to get to know ourselves. Rasa encourages you to take a big step towards that. The question is, do you want to? Rasa’s clear and detailed guidance makes you enthusiastic about your path, supporting you through the process that starts with curiosity and ends with ultimate self knowledge, love and fullfillment.

Human Design helps you to align yourself with your true nature
Human Design System is an incredible tool for knowing yourself. In live or skype sessions with Rasa, you’ll start with a look into conditionings, how they influence your daily experience including health, relationships, wealth, spirituality and then into the hidden gems, your potentiality and life purpose.

Human Design immensely improves your relationships with others
Human Design is an amazing tool to compare your chart with the charts of important beings in your life. Not living your true design affects your relationships in many ways. You allow others to influence you in non authentic way or you influence others not according to their nature, with projections, unrealistic expectations etc. By discovering your true nature, you´ll begin relating to people acknowledging their human design and true nature, which will make a truthful connection and deepen your interconectedness.

Learn about your Human Design from an experienced reader and holistic healer
You’ll get to learn from an expert who has been years in this field and has given over thousand readings. Rasa also has established a spiritual center specifically focused on self discovery, holistic healing and spiritual fullfillment.


Ma Prem Rasa is her spiritual name. Rasa means “the essence of emotion” in Sanskrit, while Rasa also has meanings that are more literal, such as taste, water, juice, essence, and ultimately bliss. Prem is Love. Prem Rasa can be translated as “the essence of love”.

Ma Prem Rasa is a human design expert, holitic healer, meditation teacher, tantrika, reiki master, artist and founder of The Womb Temple, healing and spiritual center in Bali. Travelling around the globe, she offers workshops and private sessions, healings and readings in many countries, mostly in Asia and Europe. She wants to inspire and motivate everyone to find their own truth by spiritual journey, to live their dreams and to realize their full potential.


Here’s what you’ll get when you book sessions of your choice with Prem Rasa:

√  Session 1 / Basic Reading
Based on your exact time and place of birth you will learn the basics, facts about yourself, your energy centers and your main themes in life, conditionings and how to overcome them. In the first session you will get to know about your inner architecture and be surprised how much Human Design Chart will reveal to you. You can also ask any questions regarding your life. This basic reading is preliminary for any further readings.

√  Session 2
In this session, you’ll get to know about your hidden gems, your potentials and get more awareness about who you truly are. There are 32 channels and 64 gates and depending on your configuration, your thinking, behaviour, health, sexuality, willpower and spirituality will be defined. You will find out about the specific channels that are most dominant in your chart and have huge impact on your life.

√  Session 3
In this session, you will learn how to create your reality by applying Human Design System in your daily life. More details about your chart will be discussed. You will be encouraged to work on specific issues you are having in your life. With this session, you will deepen your understanding, practice and witness positive transformation in all life aspects.

√  Session 4
Relationships Comparative Charts – in this session, you can choose one to three other charts of important beings in your life, you would like to know how you match with them, what are the positive aspects and challenges. It can be your family member, child, parent, life partner, business partner… All what you need is the exact time of their birth and place. By accepting and respecting each other´s design, you can improve relationships immensely and increase your happiness exponentially.

After those four readings and applying it in your daily life, you will fall in love with yourself permanently!

Note: If you are not sure about your exact time of birth, you can consult Rasa and she will make a calculation for that particular date. Sometimes the energy is unchanged throughout the day and she can make a reading based on that.



Do you think Human Design will be helpful to you? Trust your intuition and dive into the vast universe of Human Design by booking the sessions with Prem Rasa

≡ Human Design: Your Universal and Unique Self ≡
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Session 1: Understanding and Living Your Human Design

Session 2: Knowing and Living Your Potential and Purpose

Session 3: Transforming into Your Highest Self

Session 4: Understanding Relationships and create Happiness

Note: Each session lasts about an hour! Prem Rasa will need in advance your date of birth, place and exact time. Book early in advance to avoid disappointment. Each session will be recorded and the recordings given to you to work with. The basic reading is preliminary for all other readings.


Cancellation policy

You can change an appointment latest 48 hours in advance. It will be difficult for Rasa to fill your spot if you cancel last minute. So later cancellation than 48 hours wont be refunded. Thanks for your understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a reading if I dont know my exact time of birth?
If you are not sure about your exact time of birth, you can consult me before and I can make calculation on that particular date. Sometimes the energy is unchanged throughout the day and we can make a reading based on that.

Is it possible to have human design reading over skype?
Yes, it is. If stable internet connection is available, there is no difference in live or skype session.

Can I pay by paypal?
Yes, paypal is accepeted. Credit cards too. Contact us before you book to send you payment and bank details.

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