Reconnect with yourself and the Universe
Know Yourself, Love Yourself, Be Yourself

The Reconnection will accelerate you on your life path and advance your spiritual evolution. If you are ready to connect with your life purpose and consciously wish to reconnect with the Universe on a different level, then this is for you. Many report that their lives shift quite dramatically, especially in the following six to twelve months.

Human Design Reading will provide you many details about your true potential and help to: understand your human design life chart, discover your energies within 9 energy centers, learn the strategy of how to engage with life according to your type, make wise decisions honouring your inner authority, discover why you are unique, and what your truth and purpose in life is!

KnowYourself, LoveYourself, BeYourself-Package is designed for you to discover and reconnect with your true essence in 2-4 days of intensive individual work with Rasa. The package includes:
1,5 h Human Design Reading (+1,5 h preparation)
2 h Reconnection (in two consecutive days)
1 h Reconnective Healing (minimum 1 session)
1-3 h Consultation

Here you can do booking for this great value package. Dont hesitate to contact me with any question you might have regarding this special offer.