What is Tantra?

In Sanskrit, the word Tantra means “the path” or “methods of going beyond”. It can also mean “transformation of poison into nectar”. Tantra is not a philosophy or a religion. It offers methods of meditation. Practicing those methods, each individual can discover his/her own truth. Each method is created to address a particular aspect of body, psyche, or soul and touch the spirit. Everyone has different needs and lessons on the path of enlightenment, so it is important to take an individual path in order to find fulfilment. The path of Tantra is the union of male and female principles in all of us. The understanding and expression of the Divine Masculine and the Sacred Feminine will open the doors to superconsciousness.

There are many streams of Tantra. The first written text about Tantra originated 5,000-7,000 years ago in India, in the teachings of Shiva. He developed 112 methods of meditation, whereby we enter into superconsciousness. Only 6 of them also include sexual practice. He included love and sex in the path of liberation. He is still worshiped today in India, and all over the country you can find Lingam statues, which represent masculine genitalia. The meaning of the word Lingam is “pillar of light”. Shiva’s lingam connects with the female genitalia, or Yoni, which means “sacred place”. Tantra uses the body as a microcosm to enter into the macrocosm of superconsciousness.

Some streams of Tantra include sex, but not love or the transcendence of sex or of death. What we are teaching here is the lineage of enlightened Indian master Osho, who was inspired by many different lineages and masters. These methods include all senses, sexuality, emotions, love, and consciousness. He also created many methods specially for western people to be able to enter into meditative states. He initiated some of his disciples into Tantra, and nowadays many famous tantra teachers come from his lineage.


Chakra Journey

In Tantra we use our body as a vehicle of transformation. The physical body and the etheric body are able to transform everything that is not the true self in order to reach our core, essence, true nectar. We use a system of chakras, or “wheels of light”. The chakras are positioned vertically along the spinal column, and through them a person can become receptive and communicate with cosmic energies. Each chakra has its own purpose, frequency, and lesson in life. There are many gifts, and we learn them through experience. As we open up to and experience this energy, we awaken and own the energy.

Life Force Energy – Kundalini

At the base of the spine lies the dormant life force energy, known as kundalini energy. If we awaken this energy, it helps us to clean and heal any stagnation in the chakra system. We are able to access universal energy and draw it down through our bodies to the earth below. We live in universal consciousness, open and flowing on all levels.

For this purpose, it is important to open oneself to orgasmic experience in each chakra. In tantra we start with the mud because without roots, there can be no lotus.The mud helps us to nourish the roots. From there, the stem can grow and the lotus can blossom. Our sexual energy is a strong force and can be developed into pure consciousness, a state of nonduality where sex and samadhi become one. We work on personal issues, male-female issues, and collective consciousness.

To achieve this transformation, to access our full potential in each moment, we use many different tantric methods: active meditations, rituals, movements, bioenergetic exercises, dance structures, group sharings, separate sessions for men and women, massages, discourses, breathing exercises, transmission, transfiguration, and partner exercises.

Tantra Session

In Tantra session you can experience very different things, depending on what issue you want to work. The first session include at least half hour talk to find out what is important to work on. It is an individual session for man or woman.

Benefits of the tantra session might be:
• a better feeling in your body, more ease
• connection to yourself and others
• a feeling of expansion and freedom
• better ability to reach orgasm
• using sexual energy for healing
• using kundalini for spiritual awakening
• experiencing more about masculine and feminine principles
• gaining more confidence with the opposite sex
• experience of ecstasy
• free flow of emotions
• transforming your relationships
• fun and relaxation


Rasa was taught by the guidance of an alive and blissful Tantra master, Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita, who was initiated into Tantra directly by Osho, and she now teaches in many countries worldwide. Rasa is always happy to share this gift with you and to answer any question you might have. She would be happy to offer you an individual tantra session.


I had only experienced tantra in a women circle. I felt always more uncomfortable showing my vulnerability with men. I didn’t know how i will manage that, but the men in this group were much respectful, the connection with each of them was very special and it helped me to trust in the manhood. It was healing. When the course finished i felt full of love, very open. Rasa also helped us to be courageous and with full heart. She created an environment, it felt like a secure place, and she is so spontaneous and pure in the energy, that i feel ok, i trust this woman. when i came to the class to sign up, i saw her and i immediately signed up for level one, level two …I am coming. they both make a very good couple, that makes us trust and express. thank you! that was amazing! My heart feel so expanded, thank you!
CATALINA, Actress, Chile

I found it that Rasa´s insight and feedback is coming from the real experience and authenticity- It allowed me to surrender what she is saying and embody that. I am very grateful for that. I am also grateful for demonstrations, it allows me and the rest of the group to go for a freedom. I enjoyed the dynamic with everybody here,
I had a different dynamic with each of them, its nice and safe environment to explore that.
AIDEN, Real Estate, UK

Few times in life men get the opportunity to share their feelings openly and honestly, that they feel, they are not being judged. This time I felt in such a safe space, we could share deep thought in very honest way. Talking about sex guys would normally, it would be very different conversation than what we had, really articulating ourselves. We shared a lot about our past, about our parents, our experiences, we all related, i related to everybody story, I thought my story was different or special, and I see its all so similar. Also I love hugging guys. In the beginning I wasn’t sure if guy will be cool with the hug. Girls hug all the time, in this group there is a full on contact, hugging men and women just for 5 seconds or 5 minutes was so great, just beautiful exchange of energy. It was amazing!
CHANDLER, Kindergarten Teacher, Hong Kong

It was beautiful space you created with no hierarchy. It was great to take few days just for myself to explore where is my comfort zone, where can i meet people, how can i share this energy, this life thing. It was amazing experience to move through it with all of you. I am very grateful for everyone individually presences and all the flavor that came together. Even in the lunch conversation where I had a healing with my inner child, that opened up completely new dialogue within myself on many levels. When i signed up for this course i had vibratory confirmation in my system to sign up and i followed it. So grateful!
CHINTAMANI, Sacred Feminine Work, UK

The men bonding and male conversations that we had, was one of the peaks of the workshop, so great to share our thoughts and feelings among us. One of the greatest lessons of this workshop was to open up to my brothers and to see what are we made of inside, it was a great privilege and pleasure to do it with you. Thank you!
ZAK, Online Business, Israel

I want to thank Rasa specially because she creates the environment for us to open, demonstrations also helped us a lot. She helps us to challenge ourselves and go and pass the resistance, to go beyond. Thanks for that, its not an easy thing to do. She comes in a playful way, thats very important for me to open up. It was very nice to interact with people, to listen what they share, the openness. I liked very much the connection with other women. Many meditations I felt, I could integrate in my life and do by myself.
ANA, Executive, Spain

My challenge in this lifetime is all about fear and love, fear and surrendering. I feel in my body the space that fear is taking. Last days I felt this space filled with love. In a day-to-day experience is also manifesting, the way I talk to people, approach people, the words I am using, this is something really beautiful.
JIVAN, Nutrition Coach, Israel