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Tao for Women – Practices with Jade Egg

1-day workshop on the 28th April by Shashi Solluna and Minke de Vos in Ubud, Bali

This workshop is dedicated to the sacred yoni…the sexual organs of the woman. The yoni is a “yin” part of our body: receptive, receiving, absorbing. It can receive love and union, but it can also receive things that we don’t want, vibrations that are not harmonious with our highest nature.

Tao Tantra offers a series of safe and non-invasive practices, that a woman can do alone, to clear out old patterns, heal old wounds, unblock resistances, dearmour the yoni and bring back health, vitality and harmony!

The jade egg practice is a practice that has been used since ancient times, when women in the Chinese royal courts activated their “jade temple” area using these sacred stones. With proper exercises, intention and breath work, the jade egg can gently massage blockages and draw lifeforce energy back to the area.

These exercises are much more than kegel exercises. Although the jade egg does benefit the strengthening of the muscles, thus avoiding risk of prolapse, it has many more benefits. Like the difference between going to the gym and doing yoga, the jade egg practice adds in a level of consciousness that helps to activate the area.

In this one-day class you will:
* Learn a heart-opening Tao Tantric Arts practice
* Connect heart and yoni for balance
* Learn the Tao Tantric Arts yoni articulation series
* Practice jade egg healing arts
* Do a yoni clearing exercise for healing

You can take these skills home and continue on your own self-healing and evolution.
This class suits anyone who wants to:
* heal past sexual experiences or patterns
* create a self-healing program for cysts, fibroids, painful periods etc
* de-armour the yoni, making it more sensitive and alive!
* build stronger, more flexible PC muscles
* activate sexual energy channels
* enhance the energy flow in the sexual area
* develop tantric sexuality

It will be a day of connected sisterhood and deep healing. Jade egg is practiced discreetly on your own yoga mat and wearing a sarong. You can buy a jade egg on the day, but please pre-order them so that we have enough. They are $35 each for standard and $48 for nephrite jade (special quality).

Shashi Solluna and Minke de Vos teach month-long teacher trainings for women. Minke has been teaching 30 years, is one of Master Mantak Chia’s senior instructors and wrote the book “Feminine Treasures”. Shashi has been practicing for 15 years, teaches Tao and Classical Tantra and created the DVD “Tantric Jade Egg Practices”.

This class is 1million IDR or 800,000 if paid before Friday 25th. You can pay via our website using the donate button at the bottom of the homepage