The absence of light can be a primal source of relaxation and inner nourishment.
In these experimental Meditations we use different techniques inside the absolute darkness of a lightproof room.
”But why are we afraid of darkness? Because light appears to us as life – it is; and darkness appears to be death – it is. Life comes through light, and when you die it appears you have fallen into eternal darkness. That’s why we paint death as black, and black has become a color for mourning. God is light, and death is black. But these are our fears projected. Actually, darkness has infinity; light is limited. Darkness seems to be the womb out of which everything arises and into which everything falls.
The Essenes took this standpoint. It is very beautiful and very helpful also, because if you can love darkness you will become unafraid of death. If you can enter into darkness- and you can enter only when there is no fear – you will achieve total relaxation. If you can become one with darkness, you are dissolved, it is a surrender. Now there is no fear, because if you have become one with darkness, you have become one with death. You cannot die now, you have become deathless. Darkness is deathless. Light is born and dies; darkness simply is. It is deathless.
All forms arise out of darkness and dissolve into darkness. Worlds come, are created out of darkness, and they fall back into darkness. Darkness is the womb, the cosmic womb.The undisturbed, the absolute stillness is there. Shiva says that it will be good to do this technique in a rainy night when everything is black, when clouds are there and no stars can be seen and the sky is completely dark. In a black night…enter that blackness as the form of forms. Be a witness to that blackness, then dissolve yourself into it. It is the form of all forms. You are a form – you can dissolve into it.
Osho “The Book of the Secrets” 112 keys to the Mystery Within